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[1]    Bao-Jie Liu,Xue-Ke Song, Zheng-Yuan Xue,Xin Wang, and Man-Hong Yung Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 100501 – Published 3 September 2019.Plug-and-Play Approach to Nonadiabatic Geometric Quantum Gates

[2]    Tongxing Yan,1,2,* Bao-Jie Liu,1,* Kai Xu,3 Chao Song,3 Song Liu,1,4   Zhensheng Zhang,1,4 Hui Deng,5 Zhiguang Yan,5 Hao Rong,5 Keqiang Huang,6 Man-Hong Yung,1,4,7,† Yuanzhen Chen,1,4,‡ and Dapeng Yu1,4.Experimental Realization of Nonadiabatic Shortcut to Non-Abelian Geometric Gates 

[3]    Mu Yang,1,2 Chang-liang Ren,3 Yue-chi Ma,4,5 Ya Xiao,6 Xiang-Jun Ye,1,2   Lu-Lu Song,5,7 Jin-Shi Xu,1,2,* Man-Hong Yung,5,7,8,†Chuan-Feng Li ,1,2,‡ and Guang-Can Guo1,2.Experimental Simultaneous Learning of Multiple Nonclassical Correlations

[4]    Jun Gao, Lu-Feng Qiao, Zhi-Qiang Jiao, Yue-Chi Ma, Cheng-Qiu Hu, Ruo-Jing Ren, Ai-Lin Yang, Hao Tang, Man-Hong Yung, Xian-Min Jin Physical review   letters 120 (24), 240501.Experimental machine learning of quantum states  

[5]    N Cody Jones, James D Whitfield, Peter L McMahon, Man-Hong Yung, Rodney Van Meter, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Yoshihisa Yamamoto New Journal of Physics 14 (11), 115023.Faster quantum chemistry simulation on fault-tolerant quantum computers

[6]    Jin-Shi Xu, Man-Hong Yung, Xiao-Ye Xu, Sergio Boixo, Zheng-Wei Zhou, Chuan-Feng Li, Alán Aspuru-Guzik & Guang-Can Guo .Demon-like algorithmic quantum cooling and its realization with quantum   optics


Full list of Publications

[1]    Yung*, M.-H., Whitfield, J. D., Boixo, S.,  Tempel, D. G. & Aspuru-Guzik, A.Introduction to Quantum Algorithms for   Physics and Chemistry.Advances in Chemical Physics, 154 (ed S.   Kais) (*first author)   

[2]    Li, Y., Hu, J., Zhang, X.M., Song, Z., & Yung*,M.-H.Variational Quantum Simulation for Quantum Chemistry.Advanced Theory and Simulations 2(4), 1800182 (2019). (*corresponding   authors)   

[3]    Kassal, I., Whitfield, J. D., Perdomo-Ortiz, A., Yung, M.-H. &   Aspuru-Guzik, A.Simulating chemistry using quantum computers .Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 62, 185–207 (2011)  

[4]    Yung*, M.-H.Wooing sea turtles back to China .Physics Today 63, 12 (2010) (*single author)  

[5]    Xu, J.-S., Yung, M.-H., Xu, X.-Y., Tang, J.-S., Li, C.-F., Guo, G.-C.Interferometric Activation of Quantum Dephasing Channels .Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2016)  

[6]    Liu B.J., Song X.K, Xue* Z.Y., Wang* X.,& Yung*, M.-H. Plug-and-play approach to nonadiabatic geometric quantum gates.Physical Review Letters 123 (10), 100501 (2019). (*corresponding   authors)   

[7]    Yuan H.Y., & Yung*, M.-H., Wang* X.RAnomalies in the switching dynamics of C-type antiferromagnets and   antiferromagnetic nanowires. Physical Review Research 1 (3), 033052 (2019).(*corresponding authors)  

[8]    Xiao. Y, Guo. C, Meng. M, Jing.N, & Yung*, M.-H. Incompatibility of observables as state-independent bound of uncertainty   relations.  Physical Review A 100 (3), 032118   (2019). (*corresponding authors)  

[9]    Xiong, H., Song, X.K., Yuan, H.Y., Yu, D., & Yung*, M.-H. Ordered space-time structures: Quantum carpets from Gaussian sum   theory. Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 62(7), 970313 (2019).   (*corresponding authors)  

[10]    Ma, T., Zhao, M.-J., Fei, S.-M., & Yung*, M.-H. Necessity for quantum coherence of nondegeneracy in energy flow. Physical Review A 99(6), 062303 (2019). (*corresponding authors)   

[11]    Yong, X., Yung*, M.-H., Song, X.-K., Gao, X., & Li, A.,Emergence of Network Bifurcation Triggered by Entanglement. Quantum 3, 147 (2019). (*corresponding authors)   

[12]    Zhang, X.-M., Li, J., Wang, X., & Yung*, M.-H. Minimal nonorthogonal gate decomposition for qubits with limited   control. Physical Review A 99(5), 052339 (2019). (*corresponding authors)   

[13]    Yung*, M.-H., Gao, X., Huh, J. Universal Bound on Sampling Bosons in Linear Optics and Its Computational   Implications. National Science Review, nwy072 (2019). (*corresponding authors)  

[14]    Yan, T., Liu, B.-J., Xu, K, Song, C., Liu, S., Zhang, Z., Deng, H., Yan,   Z., Rong, H., Huang, K., Yung*, M.-H., Chen*, Y., Yu. D.Experimental realization of nonadiabatic shortcut to non-abelian   geometric gates. Physical Review Letters 122(8), 080501 ; (2019). (*corresponding   authors)   

[15]    Li, Y., Hu, J., Zhang, X.M., Song, Z., &Yung*,M.-H. Variational Quantum Simulation for Quantum Chemistry. Advanced Theory and Simulations 2(4), 1800182 (2019). (*corresponding   authors)   

[16]    Yuan, H.Y, Wang, X.S , & Yung*, M.-H., Wang, X.R.Wiggling skyrmion propagation under parametric pumping. Physical Review B 99(1), 014428 (2019). (*corresponding authors)  

[17]    Yuan, H.Y,& Yung*, M.-H., Wang, X.R. Emergence of antiferromagnetic quantum domain walls. Physical Review B 98(6), 060407 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[18]    Ma, Y.C, & Yung*, M.-H . Transforming bell’s inequalities into state classifiers with machine   learning.npj Quantum Information 4(1) 34 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[19]    Yuan, H.Y, Wang, W.W , & Yung*, M.-H., Wang, X.R. Classification of magnetic forces acting on an antiferromagnetic domain   wall. Physical Review B 97, 214434 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[20]    Yung*, M.-H. Quantum supremacy: some fundamental concepts. National Science Review, nwy072 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[21]    Song, X.K ,Huang, Y.Q , Ling, J.J . & Yung*, M.-H.Quantifying quantum coherence in experimentally observed neutrino   oscillations. Physical Review A (Rapid Communications) 98, 050302 (2018).   (*corresponding authors)  

[22]    Yuan*, H. Y. & Yung*, M.-H. Anomalous spin entanglement in nonequilibrium systems. Physical Review A 98(2), 022125 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[23]    Huang, J., Gan, W., Xiao, Y., Shu, F. & Yung, M.-H. Holevo bound of entropic uncertainty in Schwarzschild spacetime. European Physical Journal C 78, 545 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[24]    Xu, H. & Yung, M.-H.On the thermodynamic phase structure of conformal gravity.Physics Letter B 783, 36 (2018).  

[25]    Song, Z., Sun, X., Zheng, J.-X., Pan, F., Hou, Y., Yung*, M.-H. Yang*, J.-B. Lu*, J.Spontaneous Valley Splitting and Valley Pseudospin Field Effect Transistor of Monolayer VAgP2Se6.Nanoscale (2018). (*corresponding authors)  

[26]    Gao, J., Qiao, L.-F., Jiao, Z.-Q., Ma, Y.-C., Hu, C.-Q., Ren, R.-J.,   Yang, A.-L., Tang, H., Yung*, M.-H., Jin*, X.-M. Experimental Machine Learning of Quantum States. Physical Review Letters 120, 240501 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[27]    Zhang, X.-M., Cui, Z.-W., Wang*, X. Yung*, M.-H. Automatic spin-chain learning to explore the quantum speed limit.Physical Review A 97, 052333 (2018). (*corresponding authors)   

[28]    Yang, X.-C., Yung, M.-H. Wang*, X. Neural-network-designed pulse sequences for robust control of  singlet-triplet qubits.Physical Review A 97, 42324 (2018).   

[29]    Zhang, X., Zhang, K., Shen, Y., Zhang, S., Zhang, J., Yung, M.-H.,   Casanova, J., Pedernales, J. S., Lamata, L., Solano, E., Kim*, K.Experimental quantum simulation of fermion-antifermion scattering via   boson exchange in a trapped ion .Nature Communications 9, 195 (2018).   

[30]    Yuan*, H. Y. & Yung*, M.-H.Thermodynamic entanglement of magnonic condensates.Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 97, 60405 (2018).   (*corresponding authors)   

[31]    Hu, L., Ma, Y.-C., Xu, Y., Wang, W.-T., Ma, Y.-W., Liu, K., Wang, H.-Y.,   Song, Y.-P., Yung*, M.-H., Sun*, L.-Y. Simulation of molecular spectroscopy with circuit quantum   electrodynamics.Science Bulletin 63, 293–299 (2018). (*corresponding authors)  

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